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Software Testing Engineer






Shanghai, CN


Key Roles 

1. Responsible for the testing of related products and projects of the company. Through understanding the technology and products, discover the weaknesses of the products, locate the defects and promote the repair to ensure a high-quality product experience. 

2. Make test plans according to system product requirements, design test data and write test cases.Analyze and report system problems. 

3. Can use test tools and write test scripts. 

4. Promote automated testing. 


1. Full-time Bachelor’s degree above in computer science or the related majors 

2. Solid knowledge of testing methodology and technical skills 

3. Experience and skills for all terminal testing like PC and Mobile. 

4. Master basic techniques related to testing, such as HTTP/XML /json/ SQL /python, etc 

5. Master testing common tools postman/fiddler jmeter/selenium, etc. 

6. Good English communication skills, preferably with overseas study or work experience. 

7. Excellent skills with JMeter or Roadrunner. 

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