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Software Engineer – Intern



Plaid Technologies



San Francisco, CA, US


We believe that the way consumers and businesses interact with their finances will drastically improve in the next few years. Plaid's goal is to enable this shift by building the tools and infrastructure that allow developers to create the next generation of financial services applications. As a software engineer at Plaid, you'll be integral in building and scaling the APIs that help us all achieve this vision.
We’re architected around decoupled services. You could be working on our internal distributed systems framework that holds them all together, or building out the newest version of our API. Most of our back-end core systems are written in Go, but that's not a prerequisite. We pick the right tool for the job and have systems in Go, TypeScript, and Python.

What excites us

    • Degree in engineering, CS, physics, math, statistics, or another related field
    • Strong track record of building interesting projects, whether during internships, for school, or independently
    • Great fundamentals and a strong command of at least one language
    • Product mindset. You understand that building the right tools and systems can impact millions of users
    • Adaptability. Most of our engineers work across the entire stack, touching everything from the front end to our core infrastructure

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