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Hypervisor Engineer






Santa Clara, CA, US


Fungible is defining data-centric computing, both in terms of software and in terms of hardware (with its DPU). 

Central to our mission is a highly programmable chip. Your role will be to design and implement a HyperVisor that runs on the chip. Another area will be performance optimizations of interfaces with existing common hypervisors.
Skills, Education and Experience Required
  •  MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree
  •  5+ years experience with Linux kernel
  •  Experience with CPU and IO virtualization
  •  Architectural sense
  •  Ability to write correct C or C++ code fast
  •  Self-motivated, independent, and proactive

Additional Success Factors
  •  Experience with PCI Express Root Complex and End-Point, including SR-IOV, PCIE switches
  •  Experience with embedded processors and assembly language programming (ARM, MIPS, RISC-V, or PowerPC)
  •  Experience with virtualization of non-x86 CPUs
  •  Experience with non-mainstream hypervisors • Experience with virtualization of non-x86 CPUs • Experience with writing of functional and timing software models of hardware devices
  •  Experience bringing up hardware
  •  Experience with user-mode device drivers
  •  Experience with security aspects of hypervisors
  •  Knowledge of best methods of developing secure and trusted code
  •  Startup experience

Embedded, Linux, Hypervisors, CPU and IO virtualization, PCIE, SR-IOV, Microkernel, Drivers, VFIO, Virtio

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