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Omada Health



Philadelphia, PA, US


Omada’s business has been growing rapidly, mid-to-high double digits for the last several years.  This growth has given rise to not only health sales but also change management issues. In the last year, the enterprise AE team has experienced turnover, and with the recent expansion, the team has had significant vacancy for more than half of 2019. In addition, new processes have been introduced to manage the growing scale of the business.  Yet, the necessary sales discipline to drive effective process has suffered as regional directors’(RDs) attention has been unavoidably diverted to managing vacant territories. These adverse effects are compounded by the recent launch of multiple products, which has exponentiated the work required to lead. 


  1. Enable RDs to allocate more time to coaching, hiring, client targeting, large account management and area business planning by reducing operational/sales enablement work such as, but not limited to, process pull-through, sales meeting implementation, training program development, and sales and marketing field integration.
  2. As turnover occurs, have the ability to cover customer needs and opportunities until the territory is filled and productive.
  3. Provide a career path for mid-market AE’s to become Enterprise AE's and/or current AE's to become future RDs.


 50% Area Execution Excellence and Capabilities Development

  • Partner with HQ training/commercial operations to design, develop, and deploy training initiatives ranging from compliance, product knowledge, leadership, and account management.
  • Assist RD in area operations including but not limited to sales meeting design and implementation, team building, culture pull-through, area analytics, sales process discipline, and governance.
  • Collaborate with RD to effectively drive corporate and area priorities and initiatives
  • Conduct field rides and co-visits with AEs to pitch clients and conduct post-pitch debrief.  Assess message delivery and collect customer reactions to facilitate shared learning among the region.  

25% Turnkey Customer Program Planning and Execution

  • Partner with marketing to develop a local customer program plan and lead region execution and measurement
  • Work with marketing to effectively develop and implement new collateral and assets to the area.  Provide ongoing feedback from the market and customer to improve marketing implementation and strategy

25% Key Account Selling

  • When necessary, manage and close clients when vacant territories exist
  • Partner on as-needed basis to close accounts in partnership with existing AE


  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to take objectives and translate them into plans and metrics
  • Execution excellence
  • Foundational analytical thinking/logic complemented by working knowledge of google sheets
  • Cross-functional leadership
  • Account management and selling


  • Desire to work cross-functionally with marketing, operations, clinical
  • Interest in learning how a company works
  • Desire to develop new skills that will eventually lead to greater responsibility
  • Willingness to work in multiple time zones
  • Agile and bias for action
  • Customer-focused
  • Can see the big picture

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