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VP, Life Sciences Business Development



Health Catalyst



Cambridge, MA, US


Our mission is to be the catalyst for massive, measurable, data-informed healthcare improvement through:

  • Data: integrate data in a flexible, open & scalable platform to power healthcare’s digital transformation​

  • Analytics: deliver analytic applications & services that generate insight on how to measurably improve​

  • Expertise: provide clinical, financial & operational experts who enable & accelerate improvement​

  • Engagement: attract, develop and retain world-class team members by being a best place to work​



In line with its mission to achieve massive, sustained healthcare outcome improvements, Health Catalyst recently launched a new Life Science Business Unit based in Cambridge, MA, that will develop solutions to support the rapidly changing world of research, development and commercialization in the life sciences industry including, but not limited to drug development, medical devices, digital therapeutics, and risk-based contracting. Health Catalyst aims to stand out in this rapidly expanding market by focusing on solutions for the life sciences industry that ensure improved health outcomes both at the provider and patient level. The new Business Unit will support the life science industry and regulators to improve probability of R&D pipeline success, optimize clinical trial design and enrollment, and perform post-launch RWD retrospective studies. Health Catalyst aims to become a leading provider of real-world insights that will allow the industry to ground their decisions in real-time, ethical access to massive, high quality data across all therapeutic indications to tackle unmet medical needs and further improve outcomes for patients. Crucially, by leveraging the deep relationship built over time with sites of care and 100M+ patients, Health Catalyst can go beyond data aggregation and data crunching, developing engaging provider and patient-facing solutions with the Life Sciences industry, to obtain deeper, richer insights. 


Job Summary 


The VP, Life Sciences Business Development will be responsible for directing revenue strategy and business development activities in the biotechnology sector. This will supplement other verticals Health Catalyst is involved with (pharmaceutical, digital therapeutics, etc.). The candidate will work closely with existing departments within the Life Sciences Business Unit and corporate departments to build a strategy that drives the success of the business unit’s efforts in the biotech sector, while leveraging internal expertise as needed. She/he will have deep knowledge and expertise of all business models associated with servicing the biotech industry for care, research, and patient insights. 


Duties & Responsibilities 

Identify and characterize in depth relevant market segments and opportunities across the biotech sector. Leverage customer research (quantity and quality) to provide strategic guidance for brand architecture and positioning. Develop and execute a go to market strategy, including identification of the top 20 target biotech customers with top 10 priorities, best contacts to reach within each customer, strategy for reaching these customers, plan for transitioning a starting project to a land and expand strategy, checklist and process for monitoring progress at each customer, and success KPIs for each contract. This go to market plan should be backed by rigorous methodology. Build internal capabilities as needed to execute on the strategy, observing that product and services will need to be created.  Build in depth knowledge of market pricing models and develop and maintain competitive and accurate pricing models across products and services. Participate in contract negotiations especially in first year of role. Develop growth strategy with SVP Life Sciences Strategy & Business Development, focusing on strategic and business planning, and be responsible to develop reasonable and thorough revenue projections for annual budgets and multi-year projections. Monitor the revenue pipeline and leads, adjusting as necessary to create sustainable growth. Establish and maintain excellent relationships with life science executives and channel partners, prospect and close relationships with key target clients. Create a standardized outreach for current and future clients and coordinate its implementation across sales channels, client management, and marketing and communications. Monitor the strategies and processes across the revenue cycle from customer acquisition to engagement to success. Drive a “lean startup” style environment of constant experimentation and learning. Identify the top areas for potential weakness or failure and devise a plan for mitigation.


Required Skills 

  • Act as an trusted go-between for marketing, business development and sales teams, understanding both differences and similarities inherent in the roles. Bridging the gap between these functions, ensuring they serve their unique purpose while coordinating with each other to ensure the company realizes a full revenue cycle in the biotech sector.
  • Ability to set short term and longer-term revenue goals, and driving quarterly results. 
  • Must have good understanding and experience in the life sciences and data domain, specifically biotech sector.
  • Must have strong rolodex of Director, VP, and C Suite introductions to relevant departments such as Commercial, Therapeutic Area, Data Strategy, Clinical Trials, Corp Dev, Market Access, Med Affairs, HEOR, Bioinformatics, R&D, Brand leaders across the biotech sector.
  • Proven experience of building and executing go-to-market strategies, sales, partnerships, M&A activities and the ability to understand which of the channels will yield better results for different market segments.
  • Self-Starter, able to execute and implement change, with a strong passion for Health Catalyst’s mission, a motivator with highly energetic personality, critical thinker, that can inspire others, with very strong business acumen and perspective on the current landscape in this domain.
  • Must have strong standing in the industry, able to establish and maintain excellent relationships and credibility quickly, create team atmosphere with internal staff while achieving key objectives, with excellent consulting skills as well as technical writing and public speaking skills
  • A mature person capable to provide a good balance of risk taking and judgment, driving with passion the potential opportunity, while retaining wisdom in maintaining true to an articulated go to market strategy.



Work Experience

  • Required: 10+ years of experience in the digital health/life sciences industries.
  • Required: proven experience of a diverse range of go-to-market strategies.
  • Required: proven experience in marketing & sales models, business development, as well as partnerships and merger & acquisition models.
  • Management capabilities across commercial or research functions within a biotechnology.
  • Solid understanding of data-driven commercialization models, especially as it relates to health/life sciences.
  • Understanding of Real World Data business models.
  • Proven track record and established network of trusted executives in the industry.
  • Direct experience of marketing, sales, partnerships or M&As in the industry.
  • Experience in mentoring and managing people.
  • Proven experience in delivering presentations and/or organizing industry events.



Education & Relevant Experience 

  • Required - Bachelor’s degree in relevant degree (secondary degrees preferred, including PhD).
  • Required – 10+ years industry experience

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