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Description helps salespeople have better conversations by using AI and machine learning to pinpoint what the top performers are saying and doing differently. Those behaviors can then be replicated across the entire team to increase quota attainment and slash on-boarding time of new team members. Customer-facing teams at hundreds of companies like LinkedIn, GE and ZipRecruiter use Gong to improve their customer experience in millions of conversations every day.

As a strategic member of our growing Sales organization, you’ll partner with our Director of Sales Enablement to build and constantly improve Gong’s sales development  onboarding and enablement training programs. We are committed to setting our team up for success, and education is a critical component to everything we do. We’re looking for an SDR Enablement Manager to jump in and work closely with every member of our SDR team. You’ll partner with SDR leadership to set priorities and make key training decisions for both our veteran and new “Gongsters.” This is an impactful opportunity to shape the development programs of a successful high-growth startup as we move up-market.

We’re looking for someone with prior SDR and sales experience who has a proven track record of developing training programs and has been an integral part of establishing or improving onboarding experiences. This person has a knack for coordinating large scope projects and articulating the smaller tangible steps towards completion. They’re highly organized, excited by helping others learn new skills and have a desire to build engaging training sessions and content. Additionally, experience working cross-functionally will be necessary for go-to-market efforts across marketing and sales.

Gong’s Sales organization is a tight-knit team. We’re growing like crazy. The enablement team is currently a team of three and we’re looking to make our next hire.

Attend Gong Academy, our company-wide onboarding program, and complete 3-4 key certifications that will help solidify your company, buyer, and product knowledge.
Observe & audit Gong Academy by identifying at least a few areas for improvement and developing a smoother process and experience.
Learn the Gong product; be able to discuss the Gong story and understand the decisions and intentions that shaped the product as it is currently.
Listen to countless demo calls per segment to learn Gong’s benefits/value, a rep’s style and strengths, and understand common objections and differentiators.
Learn how to use Lessonly and start building sessions.
Become an expert in how to search Guru and start building your very first cards.
Fully comprehend and be able to articulate Gong’s Ideal Customer Profile, SDR Qualification Criteria, and the SDR metrics that leadership is monitoring.

Become a contributing member of the Enablement team to share ideas, best practices, seek guidance and align with Enablement Managers from Sales & Customer Success.
Be scheduling and running SDR onboarding while continuing to fine-tune the process and flow.
Build sessions in Lessonly and ensure that lessons and paths match our onboarding program.
Take ownership over the SDR Guru content to audit, cull and create new cards as needed.
Become an Outreach expert to train, educate, and partner with Sales Operations to technical troubleshoot when issues arise. 
Use Gong to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the team; you’ll then build your first training session based on your assessment of the most time-sensitive area of weakness.
Shadow top-performing SDRs to understand how they prospect, craft their messaging, and connect with the right buyer personas in order to replicate these behaviors throughout the rest of the team.
Demonstrate your competitive landscape knowledge by strategizing on objection handling with reps and creating a condensed training program that specifically highlights winning sales tactics for navigating a complicated and crowded industry.
Understand the "why" behind our flipped opportunities and DOAs.
Create a report for flipped or DOA opps and create a hypothesis for why these opportunities are successful/unsuccessful after listening to Gong calls and interviewing both the SDRs and the sales reps.
Schedule 3 external meetings (or coordinate with CS) with Gong’s customers that were prospected to understand why they chose to take a meeting with Gong and how they see us differentiated in the market; use this information to amend or create new trainings or onboarding sessions.
Explore, map and create a landscape training curriculum that tailors to someone with zero background of SaaS and Sales Technology.
Become the owner of the SDR playbook, continuing to iterate as needed.
Take the reins on the SDR onboarding track and focus on creating a scalable and efficient schedule to reduce ramp time.
Become a business partner to SDR leadership, join their team meetings to help facilitate trainings, capture tribal knowledge, and deliver content to increase SDR productivity.
Become a business partner with marketing to streamline the process for marketing campaigns, build the messaging content into Outreach and leverage Sendoso when necessary.

Achieve a reduced ramp time for new SDRs.
Partner with SDR leadership to create a feedback loop to ensure the SDR onboarding track and training programs are efficient and closing any gaps that may have been uncovered.
Build an SDR training playbook in Lessonly to coincide with Gong Academy.
Build the framework for Promotion Ramp Camps and start to facilitate those sessions.
Go through the process of evaluating a methodology.
Continue to build out programs across sales fundamentals, buyer knowledge, product knowledge, time-management, sales operations, and personal skills.
Provide input and iterate on past off-sites by including social events, opportunities for training, guest speakers to encourage continuity and development.
Regularly listen to prospect/customer calls per week.
Build, manage, and run our Career Week for entry level roles to help them understand the types of positions top performing employees are eligible for.
Partner with L&D to create an SDR Manager training curriculum that helps SDRs or AEs interested in SDR Management develop the proper skills to manage large teams of “green” employees.
Partner with Gong’s recruiting team to craft an Interview Training curriculum to better help SDRs and SDR managers learn the best ways to interview for the SDR hiring profile.

Work with GTM leaders within Gong to help organize topics and build content for the next GTM Kick Off to align with Gong’s company goals and to create a memorable experience and set the tone for the following quarters.
Create certification programs to support Promotion Ramp Camps for SDRs as they move from SDR > Sr. SDR > Commercial AE..
Successfully coach and mentor SDRs to take control of their own careers and manage up by weaving Gong’s philosophy of career development--”own your growth”--into coaching conversations and training.
Have successfully helped eligible SDRs prepare for promotions on-time.

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