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Medical Scribe Training Specialist



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Austin, TX, US


Medical Scribe Trainer

(Full-Time $15 DOE)

THE COMPANY: Robin Healthcare is transforming our health system from its very core, the doctor-patient exam.  We marry remote/virtual medical scribing with the latest in speech-to-text and artificial intelligence to produce the highest quality medical notes for providers, more efficiently than ever before. With Robin's HIPAA-compliant service, physicians are freed to focus on the patient, improving care and outcomes, while you learn how real care is provided from dozens of real patient encounters on a daily basis.

THE POSITION: The goal of the Medical Scribe Training Specialist is to oversee day-to-day training of medical scribes across several different specialties with the goal of reducing training attrition to less than 20%. The Medical Scribe Training Specialist will collaborate with the Quality & Performance and Talent Acquisition teams. The Medical Scribe Training Specialist will report directly to the Training Manager.

LOCATION:  4 blocks west of the UT-Austin campus in Robin’s HIPAA-compliant scribe hub


  • Provide feedback and mentorship to medical scribe trainees on their documentation
  • Lead remote medical scribe training workshops
  • Send offer letters and coordinate Robin orientation with new hires
  • Lead feedback sessions to underperforming new hires
  • Coordinate and lead performance improvement plans with underperforming potential new hires
  • Improve proactive and timely communication to medical scribe trainees and new hires
  • Assist when needed to create new training materials
  • Provide feedback and institute positive changes to the current training structure and program

Day to Day, Week to Week:

  • 30% - Grade trainee notes
  • 20% - Provide verbal feedback to underperforming new hires (lead feedback and PIP sessions)
  • 15% - Lead remote office hours
  • 15% - Respond to emails in the Training inbox and Google chats
  • 10% - Send offer letters and coordinate orientation
  • 10% - Daily debriefs, weekly training meetings and weekly training simulation meetings

 Key Metrics Evaluating Performance: 

  • Reduce overall training attrition to less than 20%
  • Reduce average training length to less than 14 days
  • Average first QA audit score of > 4.25
  • Scribe utilization less than 30 mins within the first 100 notes

Required Qualifications: 

  • Minimum of 30 hours of availability
  • More than 3 months of previous medical scribe experience
  • Highly proficient in spoken and written English
  • Effective written and verbal communication
  • Attention to detail

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Preferred to be able to work from the Austin office
  • Experience across multiple specialties and subspecialties
  • Experience working on multiple EMRs
  • Willingness to learn other specialties, subspecialties, and EMRs
  • Full-time availability
  • Able to work independently
  • Solid time management skills
  • Proficiency in GoogleSuite applications (Sheets, Docs, Gmail)

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