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Sr. Manager - IT (2201)



Sadbhav Infrastructure Projects



Ahmedabad, IN / Gujarat, India


People Management

  1. 1. Attendence Mangement
    2. Leave Mangement.
    3. Claims Approvals.
    4. Performance Apparisal.

5. Reviewing manpower requirement for project.
6 Initiating cases for replacement of resources who have resigned.
7. Initiating cases for recruitment of new resources as per project requirement
8. Approving Duty Roster for BCP and DC staff.
9. Ensuring the knowledge transfer is being done properly.
10. Conducting Induction training and completing joining process of new joinees
11. Conducting retention training for existing staff.
12. Delegating the work as per the respective skill set




Partners/vendors relationship management

  1. Obtaining quotes, Making Purchase Requests and following up to issue PO to vendors.
  2. Checking and processing vendor payments towards supply and services.
  3. Coordination with vendor for new vendor registration 
  4. Daily monitoring the open tickets and co-ordinating with vendor for closure
  5. Escalating to Vendor as per escalation matrix for delay and SLA violation
  6. Managing customer's vendor as per tripartate agreement.
  7. Calculating the SLA violation and penalty against Incidents and sending the SLA violation letter.
  8. Renewal of service contract  / Licenses


Process Compliance

1. Adherence to ITIL process for managing operations.
2. Initiating planned event for any add, move, change or modify of the system and recording the same in service desk tool.
3. Reporting to customer as per Maintenance Plan.
4. Weekly Review with customer for any requirement of process / service improvement.
5. Processing all the service request form as per the process defined.
6. Continuous improvement of  Call logging process, Incident management, Reporting format, Escalation matrix




1. Updating utilization of license.
2. Timely renewal of License and support.
3. Upgrading Firmware through a PE
4. Updating any new patches through a PE
5. Backup of critical devices.
6. Inventory


Program Management

1. Team Building and deployment of Manpower as per Agreement.
2. Scope implementation as per Agreement.
3. SLA maintenance.
4. Change Management.
5. Regulatory  Compliance
6. Training of customer and end users.
7. Disputes Resolution
8. Review ( Stearing Commitee and HCL Management )
9. Risk Management.
Managing CCR and BCP
1. Ensure 99.9% uptime of equipments.
2. Managing CCR and BCP staff
3. Providing daily, weekly and monthly reports to stakeholders
4. Managing the critical equipment by using Ca tools.
5. Ensuring time backups is being done and rectify the same at point of failure.
6. Ensuring Symantec Antivirus is being deplpyed at all desktops.
7. Ensuring all security polcies are working properly.
8. Escalating to customer for any deliverables out of HCL scope.




Service improvement using tools and technologies

1. Utlization of CA tools to generate various kind of report which require to analyze the performance of system.
2. Enabling necessary alarms and automated message system at the event of system reaching the threshold or during failure.
3. Enabling of notifications during any security threat detected.
4. Running the manual system scans for any malware detection.
5. Ensuring all the virus definations are updated.
6. Ensuring that the internet link load balancing is running smoothly.
7. Ensure that the upgrades of all system are done in timely manner.



Customer Management

1. Interaction with customer on day to day basis for updating operation issues.
2. Processing daily requests of customer pertaining to HCL scope.
3. Weekly review with BCP staff along with customer.
4. Notification sent to customer for any major concern.
5. Approval to be obtained from customer for initiating planned event.
6. Sending weekly updates to customer.
7. Providing support to customer during their Audit
8. Fulfilling adhoc requirements. 
10.Handling all Customer escalations.

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