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Sr. Manager - Marketing (Mumbai) (3661)



Sadbhav Infrastructure Projects



Mumbai, IN


  • Identify vendors to be appointed to run facility centre at various bcp's.
  • Ensure all facilities as per agreement are available at all bcp's.
  • Finalise/renewals of agreements with all vendors holding facility centre at bcp's.
  • Ensure ambulances are available at all BCP's.
  • Up keeping and maintenance of Ambulances at all BCP's.
  • Co-ordinate with BCP/Zonal Head and dedicated Supervisor handling facility related activities at BCP.
  • Ensure up keeping and maintenance of facility centres and surrounding area at all bcp's.
  • Ensure other amenities for public also available and maintained properly.
  • Ensure collection of rentals from facility vendors.
  • MIS Report

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