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Bangalore, IN


We make ML based products that predict upcoming issues in complex applications running in cloud-native, serverless or host based environments. Products handle very high volumes of streaming data, and perform complex learnings on structured and unstructured data in near real time.

We have multiple positions open for MLE-2 (mid level) and MLE-3(senior). Based on experience and assessment, we will offer a suitable positions to the candidate.


The ideal candidate should have passion for data science, flair for solving real customer problem using ML.

  • 3+ years professional experience in developing Machine learning models, Testing and Deployment and continuous improvement.
  • Experience building ML Pipelines using ML Frameworks like Scikit or Tensorflow.
  • Should have expert level proficiency in programming using Python.
  • Understanding of data structures, data modeling and software architecture.
  • Experience with Big Data Technologies (e.g., NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark etc) would be considered a strong plus.

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