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Plaid is building the infrastructure that powers the future of financial services, and we’re driven by a desire to enable innovation that benefits consumers. Today, one in every four Americans with a bank account has used apps powered by Plaid, and when these people have questions about managing their data, we want to be there to help. Our goal is to provide a platform and support experience that empowers consumers with the tools and knowledge they need to be in control of their financial data.

As a Consumer Support Specialist, you’ll spend the majority of your time interacting with users via email and social media, helping them resolve issues they encounter when using our services. You will be a powerhouse executor, and are determined to provide a seamless consumer experience to the people who inspired Plaid’s mission: consumers. You’ll work closely with members of Engineering, Product, Design, Growth, and Sales, serving as the voice of the Consumer as you collaborate cross-functionally.

What excites you:

        Empathizing with consumers such that you can quickly grasp their issues and work towards a solution.
        Financial empowerment and equality. We don’t expect you to be a Plaid expert just yet, but you should have a good sense of why what we’re doing here matters!
        Writing helpful, thoughtfully-crafted responses across communication channels such as email, social, and chat.
        Pushing yourself to learn a complex, evolving platform on a technical level so you can educate and help users as they interact with it.
        Working in a fast-paced, high-autonomy workplace. You’re motivated by collaboration, but you also love to get “in the weeds” and solve problems of your own volition.

What excites us:

        A team player who is genuinely passionate about helping other people
        High EQ and empathy. Exceptional ability to put yourself in the consumers’ shoes will be essential.
        Folks who get excited by the potential of democratizing financial services across the world
        Highly self-motivated, hardworking individuals who enjoy working directly with consumers, solving their problems autonomously in real time or helping them get connected to the person or resource who can

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