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Executive - IT (Biloli) (3781)



Sadbhav Infrastructure Projects





  • Organizing and managing the IT maintenance activities at the BCP.
  • Managing issue resolution pertaining to the IT/Electronics works at site
  • Monitor the good functioning of the equipment’s at site
  • Monitor the SLAs for all IT/Electronic equipment’s at site
  • Manage openings and closure of lanes for preventive/corrective maintenance with the help of BCP Head / RTO Officers.
  • Make sure minimum downtime is required at lanes and there are minimum disruptions due to failure of lane equipment’s and other BCP equipment’s
  • Make sure that the applicable SOPs and procedures are being followed for operating IT/Electronics at site
  • Monitor that the data/video is being backed up properly at site and after the requisite time the data is getting transferred to the CCR
  • Make sure that all the security precautions with respect to data storage, transfer, and deletion are in place and are being enforced on ground.
  • Maintain the applicable statutory/compliance documents and drawings at site
  • Ensure no unauthorized personnel are given access to the site / data at the BCP.
  • Maintaining proper asset inventory of all the IT equipments’ installed and spares available at Checkpost.
  • Proper reporting to HO/CCR for any incident/damages to IT equipments’ and further taking followup to replace the same.
  • Updating and maintaining status of all the IT equipments’ alongwith the third party vendor, if any.
  • Interaction with vendors and maintaining records as per the contract


  • Monitor the RFID issuance activity at site and track for maximum number of tags being issued on a daily basis. Work with the RFID Supervisor to resolve any issues pertaining to RFID issuance


  • Monitor and track the IT/Electronics items/spares/consumables in stores
  • Make sure that spares management is done by each of the vendors at site and report to the IT Maintenance Manager in case of any issues
  • If procurement of IT/Electronics items has to be done then co-ordinate with the IT Maintenance Manager at Head Office
  • Manage the verification/testing of equipment’s during inward entry
  • Any Surplus / unused equipment at the BCP should be intimated to IT Head / Manager at HO



  • Manage and interact with the IT Support Staff and vendor staff at site
  • Manage the training of new IT resources at site
  • Monitor the compliance of the quality procedures as per SOPs at lane
  • Recommend any process/performance improvements at site to the IT Maintenance Manger
  • Report improvement opportunities with regards to various vendor related works.
  • Assist in IT audits at site
  • Manage and coordinate with the IT support staff (in-house + outsourced) at the BCP
  • Maintain and track the budget allotted for operations/maintenance of IT/Electronic equipments at site

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