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Engineer - SRE/DevOps






New York City, NY, US


Plaid was originally started by engineers seeking to empower developers democratizing financial services. We’re still true to those roots as a technology-focused company.

Across our team, we value a product-oriented mindset and a passion for building clean and scalable code. We focus on creating the best possible environment to build amazing products. We limit meetings, rely on asynchronous communication, and consistently host company-wide hackathons to promote cross-team collaboration and to grow our engineering chops.

Plaid’s infrastructure handles millions of requests per day, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a robust API. As an Infrastructure Engineer, you will build and scale the foundations for production engineering, developer operations, and deployments. You will also work hand-in-hand with the product teams to help ship features. You will be responsible for keeping the ship sailing smoothly, and your creations will serve as the bedrock for products serving millions of users.

What excites you

        Working with various engineering teams to achieve common goals
        Building efficient engineering frameworks and processes for quickly iterating and launching products into production
        Doing a little bit of everything across our entire stack and across teams to ensure the success of Plaid and our customers

What excites us

        Experience in infrastructure engineering or devops
        Experience with Bash, Go and/or Python
        Experience in managing production environments and databases
        Experience with Kubernetes, Terraform, and Ansible
        Ability to juggle day-to-day tasks and long term projects

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