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We are a small team that is already making a huge impact in the lives of patients, nurses and doctors we work with. All of us are passionate about using technology to solve BIG problems and better, faster and cheaper healthcare is the one of the biggest problems we face today.

We are looking for similarly passionate individuals who believe in the power of technology to improve healthcare!

The role
analyticsMD is looking for adaptive, hands-on and quick learning Integration Manager to lead integrations of the analyticsMD platform with client EHR systems. The role requires a combination of experience in EHR integration with an eagerness to learn new technical skills that extend beyond the interface layer. The ideal candidate will have.

Strong interpersonal skills; in particular, ability to work collaboratively with client IT teams
Knowledge of common EHR (Epic, Cerner) reporting schemas and languages
Extensive SQL experience
Experience configuring and deploying HL7 interfaces
Knowledge of, or exposure to, common inpatient / acute care workflows
A passion for fixing our healthcare system

The Integration Manager will lead and execute the most critical component of our deployment process - data integration and validation. Our software depends on reliable, real-time data from our clients, and the Integration Manager will plan and execute these integrations. She/he will work closely with hospital IT staff and analyticsMD customer success teams to select an appropriate integration strategy, build necessary interfaces on the analyticsMD side, and validate proper receipt and ingestion of data feeds. He/she will have the opportunity to shape future approaches and best practices for integration and will be expected to contribute this strategic thinking in addition to execution.

To be a good fit for the company, candidates should have these intangibles...

Ready and eager to pick up new skills as needed
Ready to ‘step outside’ his/her role to help teammates
Highly dependable and detail oriented
Mature and an excellent listener

The role is a full-time position and will be based out of Mountain View.

What We're Building
analyticsMD uses a hospital’s data along with proprietary external data signals to help managers proactively manage day-to-day operations. analyticsMD’s algorithms analyze hospital data along important operational and clinical metrics, allowing hospital staff to both monitor operational performance and automatically diagnose operational issues in real time. In addition, analyticsMD’s machine-learning based forecasting techniques enable hospitals to predict patient volumes and optimally allocate resources – such as staff, beds, and rooms – to meet this demand. These insights are delivered to staff in the workflows with which they are already accustomed.

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