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Data from Second Measure drives core strategic decisions for our clients: how to invest multi-billion dollar portfolios, how to allocate nine-figure marketing budgets, and how to prioritize large partnerships and acquisitions.

Through our self-service platform, our clients get instant visibility into any consumer company — how quickly they’re growing, whether they’re gaining or losing share in key markets, how well they retain customers, how much those customers spend over their lifetime, and even where else those customers shop.

This is game-changing data they have never seen before. However, a lot of work goes into making it both useful and accurate.

We’re looking for more scientists to join our data org. We’re 10 people today with varied backgrounds — statistical genetics, astronomy, physics, material science, cognitive and social psychology, robotics, computer science, pure math, and more — and a shared appreciation for our diversity.

As a data scientist, you’d join one of three teams:

Applied Data — extend our self-service analytics platform with new metrics and analyses.
Data Services — perform novel research to help clients answer real-world questions.
Quality — build the ingestion, normalization, and enrichment systems for behavioral datasets comprising billions to trillions of events.

While we work across multiple teams, we comprise a single functional group. We feel strongly that data scientists should have the freedom to move between projects and teams, to experiment with and grow in more than one area.

Feel free to express interest in a specific team or in our data org generally.

About you:

You have a PhD in a quantitative discipline and/or years of experience as a data scientist.
You’re an expert in applied statistics and/or machine learning.
You’re proficient in statistical computing.

You have expertise in panel data, behavioral analysis, text processing, geolocation, and/or time series analysis.
You have experience in large-scale, data-rich environments.
You’ve built things with Python/Scala, Spark, Jupyter, Redshift/Hive, Athena/Presto, GPUs/TPUs, and/or D3 (and related).

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