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Data Focused Developer






Los Angeles, CA, US / Santa Monica, CA, US


Job Description

Data Focused Developer:
Help us aggregate and analyze millions to billions of daily events
Very hands-on, startup-experienced, engineer

Our Vision:
7 billion strangers connecting and transacting their life experience and knowledge conversationally. Sensay is defining the future of human purpose. More on our "why" here:

Our Product
Sensay is the most helpful person you’ve never met. One contact to access millions. Tell Sensay what you need in your favorite messenger and you are routed and connected with a relevant human in about 90 seconds. Forbes praised Sensay as the one chatbot company that lives up to the hype. See here:

Your Mission:
Make our platform do new tricks to drive user delight, help us help others.

Background & Skills:
Perform ad-hoc analysis and present results in a clear manner
Experience building data-centric applications and scripts / utilities
Automate scoring and ranking using machine learning
Build anomaly identification and recommendation systems
Improve and extend our events monitoring
Automate the extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data
Experience with data visualisation tools, such as D3.js, GGplot, Tableau
Proficiency with query languages such as SQL, Hive, Pig
Solid applied statistics e.g. distributions, testing, regression
We have a mixed environment with Ruby, Python and Elixir
Hacker DNA - because the really awesome stuff is built outside sprints
Open source - you’re kind of a big deal on github
Experience with natural language processing (NLP)
Experience with machine learning or recommendation engines
Know how to spin up an EC2 instance in AWS

What we look for in team members:
Helps first & raises everyone's game
Gives a damn (many damns)
Wicked smarts tempered by humility
Leadership tempered by kindness
Believes in magic, disbelieves “impossible”
Recent startup experience from somewhere we've heard of

Things we believe:
Win by helping others win
Humans are awesome (H.I. comes before A.I.)
Holacracy over hierarchy
Office dogs, fun and tacos

Location : Santa Monica, CA (on the Third Street Promenade)

Salary and equity commensurate with experience level
BYOP (build your own perk based on something you liked from your last gig)
Talent and culture are everything to us so we want to attract and retain those who are the best fit

Did you read all that? Wow! Here are a couple of easter eggs...

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