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Mountain View, CA, US


Want to change healthcare? Love interacting with people?
Help us build our change management program!

Qventus is looking for an energetic, personable and quick-learning Change Management Program Manager to lead the development of the company’s client change management programs. The role requires someone who is quick and eager to learn, passionate about making our healthcare system more efficient and technically-minded. As the leader of the company’s change management team, the candidate will be responsible for end-to-end conception and delivery of a change management program for our clients. This program will involve a combination of online, offline and direct 1:1 coaching components. Parts of the program he/she creates may become the basis for a standalone service offering in the future.
Desired background

Strong interpersonal and influencing skills
A background in coaching or teaching roles, ideally as part of transformation or performance improvement projects
Experience in clinical or operating roles within healthcare
Ability to rapidly conceptualize, design and build education and training materials
A passion for fixing our healthcare system
Responsibilities (examples -- just a sampling!)

Design of a change management program, which may encompass training curriculums, certification courses, 1:1 coaching and consulting, and electronic / online tools to facilitate adoption of the product. Design of this program will require close partnership with the Customer Success team and the company’s users
Creation of materials within the program. The candidate will take a hands-on role in building training materials, slides and other collateral that will make up the change management program
When appropriate, direct 1:1 coaching with clients that require additional support in preparing their organizations for use of Qventus
Supporting members of the Customer Success team in integrating these materials into the broader deployment and account management processes
Participating in product support / service of clients alongside members of the Customer Success team

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