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Mountain View, CA, US


We are looking for engineers with a focus in quality assurance. Our expectation is that you will work with developers to design features toward addressing customer use cases, and provide guidance to build testability into the product. You will plan the testing of functionality, and use our automation framework to create automated tests. You will work with Support and customers to help resolve issues.

Required Experience & Skills

  • 8+ years of QA experience
  • Systems level testing experience with Enterprise scale applications
  • Coding/scripting experience required (python or golang experience)
  • Proficiency with Linux and/or FreeBSD operating system
  • Windows experience a plus

Preferred Experience & Skills

  • Exposure to Virtualization/cloud technologies
  • Cloud Service Provider (CSP) experience (e.g. AWS, GCP Azure)
  • Experience rolling out software regularly into live environments


  • Inquisitive personality
  • Solid knowledge of testing techniques in order to apply risk-based testing concepts
  • Excellent time-management, multitasking skills

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