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Want to use your engineering chops to help others?
Join our engineering team and touch over a million patient lives a year!

Have you ever found yourself or a loved one waiting hours in a hospital Emergency Room to get care? Do you wish your physicians were more accessible and easier to make appointments with? Qventus is looking for DevOps engineers who can help manage, monitor and deploy the Qventus production stacks on Amazon AWS infrastructure.

Ideal candidates will have a minimum of 5+ years of full-time experience as a DevOps engineer.
Key Responsibilities

The role will be split between DevOps & Tools building responsibilities
Manage the deploy, monitor and troubleshoot live services on AWS environments
Work closely with the backend team to understand the APIs which will be used
Able to locate and distinguish between front-end, back-end, networking & infrastructure problems
Write scripts to effect config changes for production releases
Patching: OS-level, Security, Basic components (e.g. Java JRE / JDK, Python core and popular libraries, OpenSSL)
Knows security real well: able to generate self-signed certs, knows openssl really well
Able to use basic unix utilities to analyze net traffic, disk i/o, RAM and CPU usage to debug performance bottlenecks, security breaches, and/or app malfunctions
Work with Release, Front-End, Backend engineers and data scientists
Work with offshore DevOps, QA, Front-end teamsHelp setup laptop security and do analysis should a breach occursPager duties

Knows Chef usage in the context of AWS
Knows Ruby, Bash scripting really well
Reasonable exposure to Python and Java.Must have a wide command of Unix utilities
Must have 3+ years of Linux (preferably CentOS) experience
Knows SQL and DBA experience in MySQL, MariaDB to debug DB performance issues, solve replication problems, ensure DB failover works, ensure proper security posture in the DB server as well as connection points
Has worked with and debugged a wide range of AWS related technologies, including but not limited to: S3, Redshift, DynamoDB, RDS, Kinesis, Lambda, SQS, SNS, CloudFormation, CloudFront, CloudWatch,
Has set up and modified / tear down: EC2 instances, Security Groups, VPC, Availability Zones, ELB, Routing & subnets in AWS, IAM roles, Auto Scaling Groups.Experience with creating, combining and using: AWS Snapshots, EBS Volumes, AMIs.
Has worked with and can write build scripts for Jenkins, CircleCI. Able to help debug problems in builds & releaseKnows how to do backups & restores into new AWS instances
Has worked with monitoring tools like Zabbix, Splunk - especially crafting custom / smart alerts and suppression
Has worked with, customized and deployed security tools like: Fail2ban, Sophos, Snort, Chef Compliance, CloudFlare. Also, able to write scripts to customize such tools
Ability to trace root causes of problems in a horizontally scaled distributed systems with high throughput, performance. And keep reliability high and latency low.Able to set up Kafka, Spark and Cassandra securely & debug problems in them
Ability to debug problems in: Django, Jetty, Nginx, Python VirtualEnvHas set up and debugged problems in VPNs using IPSEC on CentOS. Familiarity with Cisco & Juniper VPNs & Firewalls would be very helpful.
Has written and debugged security & firewall rules for: SeLinux and CentOS firewalled
Has setup, customized and debugged SFTP3+ years of professional experience working with modern programming languages such as Python, Bash, Ruby, Java, Javascript and SQL
Has worked with version control tools like: git, github. Knows how to merge & tag branches.
Has worked with build & compile tools like: Maven, gmake, Configure
Has worked with IDEs like: Eclipse or IntelliJ.
Has worked with debug tools like: JMX, Firebug
Ability to quickly learn new technologies and work effectively in a fast paced dynamic environment
BS, or MS in Computer Science or equivalent

Knowledge of or experience with: R, Mirth, CrossFTP, AWS QuickSight
Knowledge of: React, React Native, Bootcamp, Angular, CSS, HTML
Experience with: Docker

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