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Bangalore, IN


Blue Jeans Network is global cloud based video conferencing service and one of the fastest growing startups in the Bay Area. The service is deployed across multiple data-centers and the AWS cloud platform. The Operational Tools Team is vital to the management of this complex system by building and maintaining applications to monitor and control the Blue Jeans service.

A tools engineer is a jack-of-all-trades who architects, writes, tests, builds, deploys, monitors, and troubleshoots their own software. They work with developers to get the information they need to debug production issues. They build tools to help testers manage their test environments. They write the
automation for operations engineers to deploy new software.
This position is a great opportunity to go outside of the typical software engineer comfort zone and see how code gets deployed and managed in the field. You will gain a more complete picture of how to build and operate services. You will become a better developer through understanding the context in which software runs.
As a team, we are committed to continuously improving ourselves as both software developers and operations engineers. We keep up to date on the latest technologies for deploying and managing internet services. We are always looking for ways to improve our development processes and organizational aspects of our work.

Required skills and traits:
● Automation and tools creation.
● Proficiency with Python and Ruby.
● Experience in a cloud services company.
● Can independently design, implement, and deploy tools and processes.
● Works well alone or on a team
● Basic Linux scripting and system management. (Can navigate command line).
● Can learn new technologies on the fly.
● Good algorithmic foundation. (Data structures, time complexity)

Ideally you can answer most of these questions:
● How would you scale (or replace) RabbitMQ?
● How do I work with open source software such as Kafka or Elasticsearch?
● How do I integrate with existing tools such as JIRA and Jenkins?
● How can I reduce a complex deployment process to a simpler one?
● How do I identify and relieve workflow pain points?
● I have 2TB of data spread across 10 servers with 1k bytes of JSON per entry, how would you store it? What are the tradeoffs of your solution?

What about the bonus skills?
● Elasticsearch
● Chef, Puppet, or similar (did you build your own?)
● MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, or other database expertise (you name it, we probably use it)
● Virtualization management and integration (ESX, AWS, OpenStack)
● Cloud computing platforms (AWS or others) What would a typical day be like?
● Work closely with developers, testers, and operations engineers.
● Tackle big problems in configuration management, instrumentation, and deployment control.
● Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the latest open source software and tools.
● Fix something, design something, implement something, and dream up something all in the same day.

Why Blue Jeans is THE PLACE to be?

At BlueJeans, we’re transforming the way people meet by creating a human connection in every experience. Together, we’re bringing video to everyone, regardless of location or device, including mobile, desktop, or room systems. We work with thousands of companies worldwide to upgrade everyday meetings, large-scale events, and social network broadcasts by replacing traditional web conferencing with face-to-face video communication.

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