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Senior Engineer Operations



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Bangalore, IN


Required experience includes:

Linux System Administration
MySQL, MongoDB, or other database expertise (you name it, we probably use it)
Experience using Amazon AWS enough to have a strong opinion
Automation! We use Chef as well as our own tools. What do you use?
Managing complex infrastructure across baremetal datacenters and public clouds
Strong programming skills in ruby / python
You have some exposure to CI/CD and have been involved in someway
Ideally you can answer most of these questions:

What’s an availability zone?
Why does Munin not scale?
What’s worse, jitter or latency?
Have you considered server less architectures?
Do you always answer 'what if...?' questions when designing systems?
Have you wondered a world where monitoring, deployment is automated and systems intelligently scale, heal and manage themselves?
What about the bonus skills?

Experience with python or ruby
Contributed to open source projects and are on GitHub/ServerFault/StackOverflow
Run or attend meetups on DevOps technologies
What would a typical day be like?

On-call rotates, just wanted to get that out of the way
Ops works closely with the dev/QA/product management teams, very closely, so you must play nice with others
Everyone juggles long-term projects with real-time monitoring and triage. How? Communication… so excellent communication is needed all the time

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