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DB Architect



Attune Technologies



Chennai, IN


Experience : 6+ years
No of Resources : 1
Position : Permanent
Location : Chennai

Required Skills :

Strong in Database Fundamentals, understanding of different DBMS, RDBMS systems
Strong understanding of MS-SQL, Oracle and Open-Source such as MySQL and Postgres
Skilled in performance oriented Designing & Re-designing
Identifying performance bottleneck issues in Production environment & approach on solving the same
Ability to learn or know how to write scripts or use inbuilt features to create monitoring events that can feed additional information
Understand how application connects to a Database and design
Should have good communication skills – Internally, Coordinate / Liaise with Production Support / Customers to resolve or communicate
Ability to play a role in a team, handle a team of Database Engineers, and also know how to work to achieve a goal collectively but at the same time, has the ability to work as an individual contributor
Use Tools for E-R Diagram, Deployment Diagram and other Artefacts
Cloud based Database Design approach, knowledge of Cloud based Database System will be a significant added advantage
Develops strategies for data acquisitions, archive recovery, and implementation of a database

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