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Senior Software Engineer, Vehicle Platform (SF)- Fullstack






San Francisco, CA, US


About Uber

We’re changing the way people think about transportation. Not that long ago we were just an app to request premium black cars in a few metropolitan areas. Now we’re a part of the logistical fabric of more than 600 cities around the world. Whether it’s a ride, a sandwich, or a package, we use technology to give people what they want, when they want it.
For the people who drive with Uber, our app represents a flexible new way to earn money. For cities, we help strengthen local economies, improve access to transportation, and make streets safer.

And that’s just what we’re doing today. We’re thinking about the future, too. With teams working on autonomous trucking and self-driving cars, we’re in for the long haul. We’re reimagining how people and things move from one place to the next.

About the Role

As a member of the Core Services (Vehicle Platform) team, you will be responsible for developing core business platforms and reusable service components to improve productivity and availability across Uber's business tier, and Ops products to make UBER an industry leading example of Operational Excellence.
Our mission is to provide unified vehicle management capabilities for ops & product teams to help them effectively utilize Uber’s vehicles. The Vehicles Platform stores & service millions of records about vehicle information e.g. make/model, licence plate, owner, etc. which is used to power driver onboarding, core trip flows, compliance & other business critical functions.
What You’ll Do

As a member of the initiative, you will be solving open-ended problems in an uncharted territory. You will be accountable for the design and implementation of a well-defined project in the initiative.

Here are example projects out of a large list:
Integrate new data model with a program team and a horizontal platform to address an end-to-end use case (e.g., UberEats’ restaurant communication flow). You will demonstrate strong design skills and communication skills in a multi-way collaboration.
Build a framework to expose generic interfaces to horizontal platforms (e.g., a LoginView for the Identity platform to allow a person with permission to log in and manage an organization). You will demonstrate skills in horizontal foundational work and thorough understanding of Uber’s technical stack.
You will be working with a small but highly motivated team, where all engineers collaborate to achieve a common goal, and yet each has a clear focus area.

What You’ll Need
At least 5 years of relevant industry experience in software development.
Ability to learn on the go. We're looking for software engineers who thrive on learning new technologies and don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. You should be able to adapt easily to meet the needs of our massive growth and rapidly evolving business environment. You have advanced knowledge of at least one language (e.g. Python, Go, Java, etc.) and knowledge of or eagerness to learn: MySQL, Cassandra, Redis, Kafka, and ElasticSearch.
Large scale distributed systems experience preferred.
Versatility. In addition to having an intimate knowledge of the whole web stack, you understand how all the pieces fit together (front-end, database, network layer, etc.) and how they impact the performance of your application.
Deep architecture skills. You know how to create highly scalable, robust, and fault-tolerant services that support our unique rate-of-growth requirements. You stay up-to-date with the latest architectural trends.
A team player. You believe that you can achieve more on a team - that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You rely on others' candid feedback for continuous improvement.
Design and business acumen. Whether you're working on an API used by other developers, an internal tool consumed by our operation teams, or a feature used by millions of customers, your attention to details results in a delightful user experience.

About the Team

The Vehicle Platform team is building extensible 2.0 vehicle data models now to unlock new business verticals beyond P2P Ridesharing e.g. Rentals, Fleets, Leasing, Freight, ATG that all require unified fleet management. On the platform side we deal with Tier1 services that need to be 99.99% reliable, consistent, tolerate multi-DC failovers, indexing, and power flexible cohort search.

Challenges we’re exciting about tackling in 1+ year:
Inventory Management
Unified Fleet & Vehicle Management
Vehicle data Importer Framework to populate from 3rd party vendors e.g. Edmunds
Provide real-time data & analytics around driver / vehicle supply hours

Our tech stack:
Datastore/Indexing/Search: Schemaless, UDR, MySQL, ElasticSearch
Caching: Redis
Language: Go
Compute: Appdocker, Mesos

Learn more about some of our projects:

Vehicle In-app images At Scale - a blog post
Vehicle Catalog / Data Importer Framework
Inventory Management
Vehicles Platform OKRs
Vehicles Engdocs

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