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Part Time Phlebotomist - Blood Collection Technician








Job Description

Greetings from Thyrocare

We would like to invite all of you for our PAN India Blood Collection Technician job opportunity at Thyrocare Technologies Ltd.

Job Profile: Home Service Phlebotomist (Blood Collection Technician)

Job Specifications:

> Good knowledge and experience in blood/sample collection

> Should be able to communicate in regional local languages

> Travelling to visit the customer home/site for sample collection with proper standards and set protocols of the organization.

> To perform proper patient/customer identification procedures at the collection phase and do the correct practice of venipuncture as per the phlebotomy standards.

> To follow the post collection process flow as per the company procedures. Handling the specimen/sample and forwarding it to the company as per the SOP. Transportation of the sample/specimen post centrifuge practice to the respective allotted center/hub.

> Communications with customer/patient and your company representative/in-charge regarding the customer/patient queries and your daily roles and responsibilities.

> Updating proper status of the samples/specimen with proper labeling and payment details of the patient/customer to your in-charge and company.

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