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Growth Hacker Software Engineer






San Mateo, CA, US


The “Growth Hacker” software engineer position is a cross-functional engineering role that works with engineering, product management and marketing teams to build new features, tools, free trials, backends for interactive web pages to support unconventional growth initiatives that often involve product APIs, agile development and integration with The growth objectives, initiatives and metrics that drive the growth hacking are set by marketing but executed in collaboration with engineering, data scientists, product management, product marketing and potentially other parts of the organization. Examples of Growth Hacker Initiatives: Email Threat Center - Design a website with a real-time feed of email threat statistics that drive organic search, lead generation and press/analyst use of Agari statistics related to phishing and other advanced email attacks. DNS and MX Record Targeting - Develop code to query and monitor DNS records for DMARC data or MX records for email gateway information that can be used to enrich customer databases, data, trigger targeted email marketing and improve conversion rates. Email Penetration Testing Tool - Lead a project to develop a free email penetration testing tool in collaboration with engineering and our chief scientist that generates leads, accelerates the sales process and is the basis for threat research. Responsibilities: Project manage and execute development projects (Example initiatives above) Prototype and code tools, hacks, tests, features determined by the growth team Create growth strategies and tactics that use publicly available data (DNS, DMARC, MX records), purchased data (Rainking), and to increase inbound demand, shorten sales cycle and improve renewal rates. Become the expert at extracting meaningful information from Agari’s vast data in AWS regarding email patterns, threats and statistics. A|B test different approaches to free trials, freemium products to accelerate sales cycles Design and test in-product communication to improve customer retention, word of mouth, promote cross-sell and up-sell of Agari products. Qualifications: 5 years of related software development experience Ability to learn and understand the value of the products and customer buying journey Experience working as a software engineer building SaaS services built on AWS, databases, data warehouses Data science or data analysis background or experience Entrepreneurial attitude and ability to independently run projects that involve technical and non-technical stakeholders Understanding or ability to learn email security technology, DNS, DMARC, APIs, Marketo APIs, website design, user interface design.

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