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JoyRun is a mobile app that rewards you for doing favors and food runs for your friends. We are a Silicon Valley startup backed by the original investors in Lyft and Airbnb. Currently at over 50 college campuses and military installations nationwide, we are growing rapidly!

We are looking for passionate, high-energy, hands-on people with tons of untapped potential who will aggressively drive JoyRun growth at military bases. This is a part-time position where you will recruit, train and manage the leadership team and the in-app community at large under the guidance of the JoyRun corporate team. You will create and execute marketing campaigns, build and foster relationships with in-app communities such as Runner’s Club and Brand Champions, and manage your base as a profitable business unit. You will lead a local team with fellow members of the military community under remote supervision from a JoyRun Growth Lead.

This is a chance to demonstrate real world communications, marketing, and business development expertise at a rapidly-growing company and be part of a dynamic and entrepreneurial start-up culture. Top performers will grow into bigger roles that can be transported to other bases as you move and continue to develop the JoyRun business.

Key Responsibilities:
Launch, develop and rapidly grow the business and daily operations
Execute marketing campaigns and promotions with local JoyRun application users and business partners
Focus on day-to-day and week-to-week operations by executing at a high operational tempo
Delegate operational tasks to your leadership team to provide professional development opportunities to other members of the military community
Identify and establish partnerships with organizations to drive brand excitement and order volume
Identify, organize and execute promotional events
Monitor key metrics/goals on a daily basis to track results of activities, make adjustments, and gather lessons-learned that will inform future operations
Propose and implement plans to constantly improve the business results at your base
Desired Qualifications:
Sales experience in retail or digital marketing experience
Ability to commit 10-15 hours a week
Desire to lead from the front by becoming expert in all roles, then recruiting and training people from the military community to perform as a well-oiled machine
Strong connections with diverse members and groups within the military community
Strong communication & problem solving skills
Demonstrate creativity, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, and a strong work ethic
Desire for a career-enhancing position that can grow and transfer from base to base
Bring a positive, can-do attitude to all tasks
Competitive hourly pay with opportunities for bonuses
Flexible schedule and valuable, cross-functional experience at a rapidly-growing startup
Access to a network of 500+ fellow entrepreneurial-minded people nationwide
JoyRun sponsored training and team events

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