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Threat and Countermeasure Researcher






San Mateo, CA, US


Agari’s Threat and Countermeasure Researcher will transform analysis of threats into analysis and content that will be leveraged by Agari customer-facing employees, Agari customers and prospects, and our broader market.


Job responsibilities include

  • Perform rapid response research and publish analysis on specific threats pertaining to customers’ use of Agari products. Research analysis and publication would result in content to share with Agari customers and Agari customer-facing employees, marketing materials such as blog posts, newsletter content and article drafts and threat indicators to enable Enterprise Protect Search and Destroy response and Agari and Agari Customer investigations and response
  • Perform research on strategic topics
  • Product capability and competitive research. Leveraging data on false positives and false negatives across customers’ Secure Email Gateway (SEG) and Agari Enterprise Protect deployments, analyze Agari strengths and weaknesses related to specific threats. Design and execute synthetic tests to better understand competitive weaknesses.
  • Support tactical customer-facing and market activities such as rapid response media opportunities, field inquiries or CS inquiries on specific threats and attacks. Provide general support for customer and industry presentations.
  • Create an analytics capability for Agari’s products to support research activities at scale.

 Key Skills and Capabilities

  • Deep understanding of the threat landscape and techniques including
  • Familiarity with criminal underground and monetization of malware and social engineering.
  • Understanding of email attacks including phishing, malware and cons (payload-free attacks).
  • Proficiency in analyzing attacks using resources such as DNS, whois and public threat analysis sites such as VirusTotal or Anubis.
  • Selection and development of software and statistical analysis tools to support research activities.
  • Ability to lead selection and implementation of analytics capabilities to leverage the wealth of data in Agari’s products.
  • Strong writing skills for the technical, internal, customer and marketing audience. Focus on producing clear, audience-specific writing.
  • Strong collaboration capabilities with the ability to leverage stakeholders such as customer success, sales engineering, marketing and PR to build relationships that enable threat research to be optimized for a multitude of audiences.

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