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About Ritual

Based in sunny Los Angeles, Ritual is a new kind of health brand led by the belief that you should know exactly what’s in your vitamin and how it works. We use only the best nutrient forms and publish our sources and research for all to see -- because transparency is kind of our thing. Our mission is simple: to inspire women to feel their best, every day, through healthy, daily habits.

Our team of curious skeptics is made up of world-class scientists, artists, e-comm whizzes, and straight up hustlers. We’re small, well-funded, and on a mission to reinvent an entire industry. If you’re a team player and questioner who refuses to settle for pseudoscience and thinks outside of the box, we want you.

What You'll Do

We're going where no vitamin has gone before, and your design chops will help us get there. We're looking for an eager graphic designer with 3-5 years of experience working in e-commerce to join our team in Los Angeles and represent our brand visually as a whole.

As a graphic designer you will:

  • Design, design, design. You'll work closely with the Creative team to drive the brand through innovative content that will take Ritual to the next stage.
  • Work collaboratively with the Creative team and cross-departmentally including Product, Marketing, and Customer Experience.
  • Be a chameleon, jumping from digital to print and back without skipping a beat.
  • Work on ads, social moments, emails, packaging, content creation, direct mail, photoshoots, and everything else.
  • Always advocate for the consumer's needs, and be able to tell our brand story through creative execution.

Who You Are

A Designer. You have an eye for living and breathe the brand's aesthetic, color, typography, icons, and use (or non-use) of space. You understand and accept that a brand's identity is king. You can process consumer research and aggregated data on existing content to make better informed decisions on every project thereafter. 
A Creator. You have increasing knowledge and skills in photography, retouching, editing videos, creating animations, etc.
Tool Agnostic. Photoshop? Illustrator? InDesign? The whole Adobe Suite? Sketch? Premiere? Sure you have preferences in order to be efficient, but you care more about what you're making than what you're using to make it. 
Communicator. You understand the importance of being able to both brainstorm with the wider team as well as articulate your individual design decisions. You’re all about efficiency and are able to work in a fast-paced environment and rely on strong communication skills to keep on task & flag project inconsistencies. You are always accountable for your own tasks but not afraid to ask for help when needed. You are proud of your work but humble in your role. You can take criticism and put it towards to bettering your work while giving constructive feedback that empowers your team.
Experienced. You're still learning, we all are, but you have a solid base of knowledge in working with product, marketing in the e-commerce world, and have stepped foot on a photoshoot or two. You're a whiz with shortcuts in Adobe and can knock out different iterations of content for testing purposes, but that doesn't mean you let typos or pixel misalignment slide by.
Problem Solver. Your solutions take creative perspectives while successfully communicating to our consumer through visuals. The work you create is timeless, easy to digest yet full of smart messaging. You're motivated by our company mission and eager to help people create healthy habits.
Current. You keep your finger on the pulse of design. You're constantly seeking ways to create useful, usable, and delightful new experiences as well as innovate our existing presence.
Up For A Challenge. You believe that just because something is difficult doesn't mean it should go unexplored. In fact, that might be validation that it’s worth trying, right?

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