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Irvine, CA, US


The Software Engineer is responsible for building our Client platform where we manage over 65,000 clients and customers.   This requires you to work in an agile, collaborative space that’s extremely results focused.


As Avetta prepares for the future, it is embarking on an ambitious program to completely redesign and build a new state of the art NoSQL, cloud based, microservices platform to help the business scale and provide entirely new offerings. The Software Engineer team is crucial to this technical renewal and will be part of a team using Design Thinking to design, develop, and test this next generation platform


  • Must have 2-3 years experience in Java script, HTML5, and CSS. If you have experience in wepack, ELM language, and fiddled with functional programming, we wanna talk to YOU!
  • Strong communication skills. We talk a lot here at Avetta and we are looking for individuals who can proactively speak up to help us drive efficiency and innovation. You’ll get exposure to the cross functional departments -  Product Mgmt, Sales, and especially OUR CUSTOMERS!
  • Build it to last. We are looking for Software engineers who can build scalable code that will outlast that box of cup-o-noodles on your top shelf.  What you code today needs to last through many versions and updates
  • Hungry and passionate for cutting edge technology – you’re always looking for what’s new in the industry
  • Be a grasshopper and learn. You have to be a natural born learner and understand the historical reasons why our code base was built the way it was. You are patient in understanding the whys and ask questions

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