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San Jose, CA, US


As a customer success lead, you and your team will be responsible for WekaIO's post sales success. To ensure such success, the team would be responsible for the following:

Team Description:

  • Making sure that each WekaIO installation goes smoothly as well as any other on going operation.
  • Bridging between the customer and R&D whenever current product state or documentation do not match the customer expectations.
  • Making sure the customer’s environment is properly setup to be compatible with WekaIO, and optimized for WekaIO's strengths
  • Providing feedback to R&D and help prioritizing bugs, usability issues, etc.
  • Helping the WekaIO sales team to identify new opportunities within the customer
  • Providing back office support for partners and resellers
  • Owning a professional services lab
  • Certification and benchmarking the WekaIO file system with various applications
  • Keep track of installed systems, identify needed actions based on mandatory SW upgrades

Team Management Description

You will be responsible for the team performance, including:

  • Managing and hiring team members, owning the execution of all team tasks above
  • Dictating supporting processes and making sure they are followed
  • Interacting with other company functions

Individual Contribution Description

Due to the current team size we expect that currently 40% of the time would be spend on management functions, while 60% will be spent on hands-on customer interaction. As the company will scale and more people hired, we expect the management aspect to consume a more significant part of the time.


Mandatory qualifications:

  • Hands on experience in supporting Linux based enterprise infrastructure products (storage, networking, virtualization, security, etc)
  • Being familiar with Linux OS installation and management
  • Past experience in leasing support teams and ability to form and enforce support processes
  • Past experience in support end customer interactions for enterprise customers


Preferred qualifications:

  • Past experience in storage, networking, early stage start-ups, and being the support lead of a company or product

Geography, Travel and General Terms

  • Customer travel in the US might be required based on needs. Future expansion to worldwide support is not immediate but planned.
  • Travel to R&D center in Tel Aviv for at least twice a year
  • Our support SLA with customers is 24/7, and hence emergency standby is an integral part of the requirements
  • Position is director level

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